Navigating voice assistant deployments: 10 real-world lessons
Working with PolyAI’s marketing department, I co-wrote an eBook setting out key learnings for building voice assistants. This took into account the experience and principles of the dialogue design team, backed up with results from countless AB tests and experiments.
Conversations Squared Podcast
Invited to talk about my approach to creating human-like conversational experiences, I talk about how voice actors can guide users' attention away from the system and towards the task at hand. This approach to conversation design leads to greater engagement from users and more high-quality automated conversations. 
Why first impressions matter with voice AI
Written for the PolyAI marketing team, I discuss why the first few seconds of a voice-first virtual assistant are crucial. Designing audio systems for phone lines present a unique set of challenges, one of which being how to convince users that the system is capable of handling their query. This article breaks down what to avoid and the linguistic foundations of engagement.
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