This collection of portrait photos was taken for Glasgow University Union (GUU) Debating to capture speakers during Parliamentary Debates. The debates lasted for 12 hours in one room with students speaking for different political ideologies on set subjects. These photos were then published on the GUU Debating Facebook page for publicity and for participants in the debates. I wanted these photos to capture the character of speakers and the atmosphere of the debates chamber although also act as a meaningful recording of students’ university careers that they could happily look back on in future years and find valuable. 
The photos were taken in the dimly lit debates chamber of the GUU and speakers often moved quickly with energetic hand movements, causing blurry photos at slow shutter speeds. I therefore had to shoot at faster speeds with a wide aperture (making focussing difficult) and a higher ISO. As increasing the ISO any further would result in noisy photos, the resulting photos were still dark with little focus on the speakers. I therefore used Lightroom to modify the exposure of the photographs (drawing attention to the speakers) and alter colour tones.
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